The 2014 Leverhulme Lecture

leverhulme logo 2Delivery research in global health: a pregnant moment?

Dr Tim Evans - World Bank

As we enter the last 500 days towards the deadline of the 2015 millennium development goals (MDGs) there is growing awareness that the primary knowledge constraints to achieve these goals lie less with knowing 'what to do' and much more with 'how to do it'.   Evidence of high performing countries under severe resource constraints makes it clear that innovation related to how to deliver essential life saving and health promoting services makes a huge difference.  While there is growing recognition of the importance of 'delivery research', it remains woefully underfunded. The imperative to accelerate progress towards to achievement of the MDGs and the opportunity to shift health systems  towards a more comprehensive health goal of Universal Health Coverage in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals environment, represents a pregnant moment to bring delivery research from the margins to the mainstream of research for health. 

 Nop PDF Downlaod The Powerpoint Presentation of the 2014 Levehulme Lecture is available here.